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UniPro partners with Cut+Dry to Provide Access to Sales Growth Opportunities


UniPro partners with Cut+Dry to Provide Access to Sales Growth Opportunities

UniPro partners with Cut+Dry to Provide Access to Sales Growth Opportunities

We’re excited to announce that UniPro, the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States, has partnered with Cut+Dry to provide access to a digital-first platform for sales enablement and business intelligence to all members.  

UniPro provides essential products, services, and support to members so they can effectively compete and win in the marketplace. Setting Cut+Dry as the preferred tech solution is another step in providing distributors with the best e-commerce platform in the market, industry-leading practices, and guaranteed results. It will allow small and medium-sized companies to catch up with the larger players who have millions invested in technology and digital customer experiences. 

This partnership is a testament to our shared values and our commitment to advancing the foodservice distribution landscape. We’re excited to embark on this journey together, and we firmly believe that the Cut+Dry + Unipro partnership will redefine industry standards and set new benchmarks for excellence. 

One of our missions at UniPro is to find market-leading technology solutions for our members. Partnering with Cut+Dry to offer a leading eCommerce platform aligns well with UniPro's mission and strategic goals. By providing a user-friendly platform for order management from order to cash, we are not only streamlining processes but empowering them to better serve the restaurant operator. This partnership can potentially drive greater customer loyalty and satisfaction, positioning UniPro through the use of Cut+Dry technology as preferred business partner with our customers. - Louie Newton - CIO, Unipro.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know which tools are built for the foodservice industry and actually deliver results. A partnership like this gives distributors peace of mind to undergo a digital transformation with the best possible tools at their disposal.  

Cut+Dry is a product first company. We have the best digital commerce platform for Foodservice Distributors because our product is built in partnership with our Distributor Customer. Similarly, our partnership with Unipro isn't just about business; it's about fostering a culture of collaboration, learning, and growth. Together, we expect to achieve remarkable feats that were previously unimaginable. As we embark on this journey, we invite you to witness the unfolding of a new chapter of combined innovation in the Foodservice Industry. Mani Kulasooriya- CEO, Cut+Dry

About UniPro

With over 350 members, UniPro Foodservice, Inc. is the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States. We provide nationwide access to exclusive purchasing opportunities with the country's premier suppliers.

About Cut+Dry

An all-in-one e-commerce platform for foodservice distributors. Through a custom, easy-to-use mobile app and desktop platform, your restaurants operators can discover new products, place orders online, track delivery trucks, and pay invoices in one click. 

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