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Cut+Dry is a unified ordering and payments platform that’s actually rewarding.

We make running a restaurant easier and more efficient.



Order from any supplier.

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Pay any invoice.

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Earn cash rewards.

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Spend time plating orders. Not placing them.

Place orders on the fly

Save time and stop calling, texting (or faxing, if you’re still into that). Manage all supplier orders from a single view. It’s your ordering mise en place.

Your ordering sous chef

Get peace of mind knowing exactly what was ordered. Streamline the entire process with unified ordering across all locations and teams.

Check check-ins off your checklist

Develop transparency with a simplified order receiving process. Quickly check-in orders, manage credit requests, scan invoices, and share with accounting.

Cut+Dry Ordering
Cut+Dry Invoicing


Pay any invoice, from anyone, anywhere.

Credit cards accepted even where they’re not

Rack up those points. Pay any invoice from any vendor, regardless of whether or not they accept credit cards.

More cash = more flexibility

Keep more cash on hand. Extend your payment terms by an additional 30 days with any invoice for free by using Cut+Dry Cash.

Click Pay and we do the rest

Spend less time paying bills. Upload an invoice and use a credit card or ACH—we’ll send a check to the vendor within 7 days.


Finally, an app that pays you.


Earn cash from ordering your favorite brands. Discover products and earn cash for trying something new.

No cash is petty

Watch your Cut+Dry Cash add up. Cashout or use towards processing fees and invoices with Cut+Dry Pay.

Sharing is caring

Invite other restaurants with a free $50 Cash bonus and earn up to $250/mo when they use Cut+Dry.

Cut+Dry Cash Back Program

A few of our participating Order+Earn brands.

Our no pricing pricing plan.

It’s free. Not a free trial. Not a freemium model. No upsell. Just free. Forever.

No commission, no contract, no catch.


Cut your ordering time by 50%

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