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Cut+Dry was created by a team of foodservice fanatics with decades of experience as serial entrepreneurs in hospitality and financial technology, restaurant operations, wholesale food distribution, and food analytics and data science.

Our executive leadership was previously the core founding team of Sysco LABS, Sysco’s innovation and technology division, responsible for the development and deployment of the world’s largest foodservice distributor’s digital customer experience. This first-hand exposure to foodservice distribution illuminated the antiquated, analog process of procuring wholesale goods from those who supply them to those who ultimately consume them.

Cut+Dry was born to provide distributors, their customers, and their suppliers with a single digital platform to make food commerce a more enjoyable, more profitable, and less wasteful experience.

Our Collective Experience

Co-Founder & CEO

Mani Kulasooriya

A serial technology entrepreneur, Mani’s last decade has been at the cross-section of food, restaurants and technology. He started his career in Fintech building payment systems at Citibank and Yahoo. This training laid the groundwork for Mani to conceive and design complex, scalable, transaction based businesses with a payments element. Mani co-founded CAKE, a restaurant technology startup, which was acquired by Sysco (SYY). While at Sysco, Mani helped create a brand new technology organization, Sysco Labs, which he helped grow to a 400+ strong team. At Cut+Dry, Mani’s mission is to more seamlessly connect the people that make the food with the people who consume it.

Favorite Food: Jamon Iberico

Co-Founder & COO

Jim O'Connor

From his humble beginning working on the farms in his hometown Farmville, Virginia, to his extensive career in finance and technology, Jim brings a wealth of experience and passion to making independent restaurants as competitive as they can be. Jim is a co-founder of CAKE (acquired by Sysco) and began his career in finance working at Chase Manhattan and Rothschild & Co. He later transitioned to product lead at Yahoo! Finance developing personal finance and investing products. At Cut+Dry his focus is product development and operations.

Favorite Food: Squid Ink Pasta

Co-Founder & VP of Product

Kevin Wu

Kevin has 10+ years of experience working directly with restaurants, understanding their frustrations and developing solutions to streamline their operations. At his previous role at CAKE (acquired by Sysco), he led the product and design team in developing point-of-sale, waitlist management, payments and online ordering solutions for restaurants. He began his career in finance working at Citigroup and Yahoo! Finance where he led development of charting and investing products. While earning his BS in Industrial Engineering at Stanford, he studied supply chains and is excited to apply those learnings in helping make the food supply chain more efficient. At Cut+Dry, Kevin leads product development and is focused on helping restaurant operators run more sustainable businesses with simple ordering tools.

Favorite Food: Ramen

Chief Data Scientist

Chuck Ellis

A veteran of food and beverage industry data analytics, Chuck has collected, classified and analyzed billions of POS transactions and Operator product purchases. As founder and CEO of Restaurant Sciences, Inc. Chuck built the nation’s largest warehouse of POS data, reposing full daily purchase and sales detail from over 28,000 restaurants, bars, hotels and institutions. As Founder and CEO of Foodservice Analytics, Inc. Chuck developed advanced taxonomy and attribution models for foodservice products, providing both coding and consulting services to major industry players such as Nielsen, AB Inbev, and Sysco. Chuck entered the restaurant industry after graduation from Cornell University, spending ten years in both front- and back-of-house roles before joining Gazelle Systems in 2000, the industry’s first POS-integrated analytics platform and data network. It’s his mission to bring high efficiency, and product and price transparency to operators throughout North America. Chuck brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Cut+Dry data analytics.

Favorite Food: Fresh Oysters on the Half-Shell, from Maine

Strength in Numbers

Working Together To Change Foodservice

Cut+Dry is the only digital commerce platform where everyone wins: operators, distributors, and manufacturers. By connecting all three parties, it is our goal to reduce waste in the supply chain, incentivize global change by standardizing data, and increase everyone’s top-line sales.

Our vision is to provide distributors, their customers, and their suppliers with a single digital platform to make food commerce a more enjoyable, more profitable, and less wasteful experience.

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