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All-in-one digital commerce platform for foodservice distributors

The only true sales enablement and customer-facing e-commerce tool in the industry.


Automatic boost in annual revenue


Weekly hours saved per sales rep


Reduction in order errors


Days cut from invoice DSO

Increase your sales
by at least 18%

by allowing your customers to browse your catalog 24/7 to find
and order new items in seconds.

No photos or attributes?
No problem.

We have the largest foodservice product database complete with photos and GS1 attributes that we leverage to enrich your online catalog.

Automate Your Collections Process + Cut 2 Days off DSO

Stop chasing payments with automatic mobile push and email alerts for new invoices, statements, and past due amounts.

Cut+Dry is the only platform in the industry that gives you a back-of-office control center.

CRM, order desk, account receivables + sales dashboards, manage credit requests, review actionable insights, and more.

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Your in-house marketing and advertising agency

Use Cut+Dry’s Distributor Portal to schedule broadcast announcements, suggestive selling, programmed seasonal sales, and so much more! 

Your own branded digital experience

Give your customers a branded mobile, tablet, and desktop app so you’re name is in their pockets every time they use their phone.


Never take a “Where’s my truck?” call again

Delivery alerts, dispatching, and fleet monitoring done right.

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Endless Services to Help you Grow

Upgrade Your Website

Our dedicated team of expert graphic designers and web developers can freshen-up, revamp, and help you re-brand.

New Logo

Is your logo outdated? We can help! Cut+Dry’s team of graphic designers will custom design a new logo for your company.

Marketing Materials

From leave-behinds, 1-sheeters, branded how-to videos, to stickers, Cut+Dry will empower your teams to increase adoption and drive sales on your app.

Language Translations

Cut+Dry already supports Spanish, French, and Chinese. Need your catalog in another language? We have your back.

Revamp Accounts Receivables

Juggling cash, checks, CC payments, and ACH wires is a handful. Cut+Dry will help streamline your AR team and empower you with new efficiencies, so you get paid faster.

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