The best ordering + logistics + payments platform for foodservice distributors.

The best ordering + logistics + payments platform for foodservice distributors.


Monthly hours saved per sales rep


Automatic boost in annual revenue


Increase in customer satisfaction

Built for Foodservice Distributors

From bone status to grading, purveyor sourcing details, inner and outer pack photography, and on-the-fly market pricing adjustments, we cater to wholesale buyers and sellers.




ERP + Accounting Software Integrations

Cut+Dry connects with all foodservice ERPs or accounting systems to reduce errors and eliminate manual data entry, so you can do more with your current team.


Amazon-like shopping experience.

Allow customers to search your entire catalog to discover and order new products.


Communicate with customers in a single thread.

Real-time conversation to reduce order errors, recommend substitutions, and confirm orders.


Digital marketing to help you sell more.

Announce new products, broadcast sales or promotions, and recommend SKUs to all or individual customers.


Personalized customer alerts + driver monitoring.

Automated messaging so you’re never asked “Where’s my truck?” again.

70-80% of wholesale decision makers now prefer a ‘digital self-serve’ buying process.

Source: McKinsey, 2020

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Accept all forms of payment without the processing fees.

Get paid faster with automatic digital invoices, instantly via Credit Card* or ACH.

*Choose-your-own customer CC processing fee of 0-3%


Manage customer relationships from any device.

Control, communicate, and monitor your customer’s digital commerce experience in a single destination.

Getting started is easy.
Cut+Dry handles the hard shit.

Book a demo to see how Cut+Dry will optimize your business and increase sales. 

Cut+Dry creates your digital catalog, customer order guides, and launch marketing kit.

Cut+Dry connects with your ERP and accounting systems to eliminate manual order entry.

Customers activate their online accounts and place their first orders within minutes.

Go live in under 14 days.

Online Ordering

Searchable digital catalog with product photography and descriptions.

Boost Marketing

Influence and increase sales with broadcasts and item recommendations at checkout.

Delivery Tracking

Monitor routes and never receive “where’s my truck?” customer inquiries ever again.

Digital Payments

Allow customers to pay instantly and securely via ACH or Credit Card.

Customer Chat

Start a live conversation to answer questions, recommend subs, and confirm orders. 

System Integration

Direct real-time connections to your existing ERP and Accounting Software systems.

Reduce Errors

Receive digital orders to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

True 24/7 Support

Live chat and phone support for you and your customers anytime of day or night.


Plans starting at $0 per month.

Customize your platform and choose between basic and premium features.

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