Custom Pricing for Any Distributor

For Distributors

Our pricing scales for small local businesses up to the world’s largest broadliners. 

Modular Pricing

Select the module(s) that fit your needs today and add additional features at any time. 

Bundled Pricing

Receive preferred rates by utilizing the full suite of our all-in-one platform. 

Unlimited Users

Unlike competitors that charge for each active buyer or seller, we encourage user adoption without penalties.

No Order % Fees

We’re not in the business of take rates, so orders are never subject to percent-based bounties.

Low Risk

No upfront fees due at contract signing with the ability to cancel at any time.  

“From incremental line-item revenue generated to sales reps reinvesting time saved into new customer acquisition, Cut+Dry paid for itself within 6 months of going live.”

– Brad Smith, VP Sales, Southwest Traders

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For Restaurants

Cut+Dry is free (and always will be) for wholesale buyers.