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Food waste is a global problem of epic proportions



of all food worldwide perishes before consumption


tons of food is wasted every single year


worth of food destroyed each year

This problem is worse in the United States, where 40% of all food ends up in the garbage.

We are digitizing the world’s oldest industry and paving the way for deep business transformation. Our vision for the food supply chain is a fully transparent, data-driven exchange of food commerce and product information that leads to transformational efficiencies, new value-generating business models, and ensures that all stakeholders are fairly compensated.

With all data consolidated in one place, Cut+Dry can enable businesses, institutions, and policymakers to make good decisions for the food system that results in positive financial, social, and environmental change.

The Cut+Dry vision is to provide a positive financial, environmental, and social impact – from farm to fork.


We are tackling the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) top three “most preferred” methods to reduce food waste.

Through data optimization we will create a fully transparent food supply chain, resulting in:

  • Reduced inventory surpluses
  • Excess food diverted to the hungry
  • Food scraps redirected to animals

Food Loss + Waste

Minimize food loss and waste across the supply chain by reducing inefficiencies, improving forecasting, and streamlining distribution


Create visibility from the farmer or manufacturer to the buyer by leveraging data to transform value incentives into better business practices.

Equal Value Distribution

Deploy practices and systems that create an equitable distribution of value for all stakeholders – big and small – within the supply chain.

Dietary Shifts

Educate consumers to make healthy and sustainable dietary choices while shaping supply and demand to accelerate beneficial shifts.

Policy + Finance

Strengthen policy and financial mechanisms to stimulate food system transformation and reduce waste.

New Business Models

Establish new models within foodservice that allow for more comprehensive consideration of negative externalities and promote value creation.

Our Commitment

As an illustrative example, right now, it is easier and faster for a restaurant in San Francisco to buy chicken sourced from an industrial farm in Arkansas than it is to buy chicken from a farm just an hour north in Sonoma County. Cut+Dry is making it possible for 44,000+ small and midsize distributors and manufacturers to directly connect with foodservice buyers using our proprietary technology.

Historically, this advanced technology has only been accessible to the world’s biggest distributors and producers. Our goal is to transform the global foodservice industry and we strive to achieve the following results over the next 5 years:


Reduce Supply Chain Waste


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Reduce Supply Chain Waste

Partnerships are in our DNA


Combating Waste in the Food Supply Chain Through Technology

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