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The Foodservice Industry’s largest product database

Offer your customers a rich e-commerce catalog by leveraging Cut+Dry’s Universal Product Book – a standardized product catalog with over 1,000,000 SKUs. 

Enhance your customer shopping experience

Combine Cut+Dry’s database with your product catalog to create a unique e-commerce store. This will enhance product discovery and make the shopping experience more engaging and user-friendly for your customers.

Cut+Dry proprietary

A 5-levels with 10,000 categories taxonomy for precise product grouping.


Your existing product information from your ERP, spec sheets, or different systems.

A rich E-commerce

A comprehensive and visually appealing catalog available to your customers.

Improve the quality of each product page

The product page is a crucial touchpoint to make customers add products to their cart and complete the transaction. Improve the quality of each page, with:

Kale - Premium



Acai Sorbet Organic 3 Gal



1/4 Zuke Stix



Aji Amarillo Paste



A great online catalog can help you increase your monthly revenue by 20%

Our data shows that every time an order is placed, an average of $170 in sales is added to the basket, which translates to approximately $3 million+ more in annual sales revenue.

Dynamic Content Scoring

Deep insight into SKUs based on image quality, marketing effectiveness, nutritional information, and more.

Categorizes every meat and poultry according to NAMP (North America Meat Processors) and every product product according to USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

Broad and deep attribute system for powerful, Amazon-like product filtering.

High-quality product content from multiple avenues that is constantly being updated by foodservice experts, a proprietary coding engine, and machine learning.

High-quality default images for products lacking photos, ensuring at least one image is available for every product in the catalog.

Achiote 14OZ