All your orders in one place.

CUT+DRY’s simple all-in-one food ordering and invoice service will free you up to focus on what’s most important: your food and your customers.

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“Once we started opening new locations and depending on other managers to do ordering, I realized that I had to find a better way to do my ordering if me and my team were going to be successful. Fortunately, I found the CUT+DRY solution and we haven’t looked back!”

– Jean Paul Coupal (Owner, Coupa Cafe)

All your orders
in one place

Consolidating your ordering in one place with CUT+DRY reduces time required to make orders, reconcile to invoice, and virtually eliminates ordering mistakes. CUT+DRY customers can realize thousands of dollars in food and labor savings by using our platform.

Easier for everyone,
even your bookkeeper

CUT+DRY is designed by restaurant operations veterans to be simple to use for the sole operator up to chain operators. What’s more, CUT+DRY does not ask your vendors to change the way they work; it just makes their jobs easier too.

More insight
= More control

Want to track contracted prices or the variation in market prices over time? Want to delegate more responsibility to your managers, but still maintain oversight? Want to clearly track the performance of your vendors? CUT+DRY is the solution for you!

CUT+DRY has allowed us to slash the amount of time required to order and at the same time, increased our ability to monitor everything in one place and proactively squash problems before they grow.

Camelia CoupalCoupa Café

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