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Introducing Cut+Dry AI

Discover the limitless power of AI built directly into Cut+Dry. Grow your business. Boost Sales. Work smarter.

The only AI tool designed for Foodservice distributors

Grow your business

Find New Business + Drive Revenue

Find hundreds of potential customers in your service area who already buy the products you sell from competitors.

  • Prospect new customers
  • Send digital proposals
  • Grow your business book

Boost sales

Maximize Existing Business + Sell More

Scan your customer’s menus to find hidden opportunities to maximize your share of menu. Yes, Chef also gives you actionable insights to move inventory and increase sales.

  • Sell more to existing customers
  • Uncover underperforming SKUs
  • Move excess product

Increase customer lifetime value

Your Marketing Sidekick

Cut+Dry AI will ​​customize Boost messages to promote products with the touch of a button. Every email and customer interaction counts.

  • Craft boost messages that work
  • Create sales and promotions
  • Market your products effectively


Now you have an ultra-capable teammate to help you achieve more, faster. Let Yes, Chef handle all the tedious tasks while you focus on expanding your business.

True AI isn’t possible without structured product data.

That’s Cut+Dry’s bread and butter. We have the largest database of foodservice products, which gives us the ability to jumpstart these AI apps.

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Launching Fall 2023

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