Cut+Dry Connect

Plug and play temperature and humidity monitoring for your cold storage.

•   First 2 sensors free for qualified customers (+$250 value)

•   Free installation by a licensed and bonded installer

•   Customizable text or email alerts

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Our Mission

From the beginning, our mission has been to make our food supply chain as efficient as possible from the farm to the diner’s plate. Cut+Dry Connect is the next evolution of this effort and this first version will help our restaurant partners monitor the quality of their cold storage via temperature and humidity sensors.

Connect also serves as a hub for other sensors in the supply chain including delivery trucks and other nearby logistics activity. As Connect matures our goal is to be able to give all participants in the foodservice industry the ability to track and monitor items as they move from the farm to the table.

Prevent Spoilage

24/7 monitoring of your cold storage to ensure the safety and freshness of your ingredients.

Quality Assurance

Safeguard your chilled, frozen and moisture sensitive items within your customizable temperature and humidity boundaries.

Labor Savings

Let your team focus on your customer instead of labor-intensive operational checklists or compliance reporting.

Proactive Alerts

Get alerted to problems in real time on your on your phone or tablet.

How it Works


Small battery operated sensors can be placed in freezers or walk-ins, no batteries required.


Sensors broadcast temp and humidity readings on a regular basis to a Connect antenna.


The antenna sends the data to a Connect hub through a direct line. The hub then transmits the data.


View your sensor data in real time and get alerts when temperature or humidity goes beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this free, what is the catch?

There is no catch. We are offering this free monitoring service to a small pre-qualified subset of Cut+Dry operators as the first step in building out a nationwide network. Your network connection will help us build out features to help make the foodservice supply chain smarter and more efficient. The sensor service is a thank you to the early adopters helping us make this happen.

How do I qualify for this offer?

Unfortunately, because of limited supplies, we can’t offer this service to all of our customers yet. Once you indicate an interest in receiving the sensors our team will review your location and our installer availability and get back to you within a day with an answer.

I’m not a techie, how do I install this?

You don’t need any tech skills to use these sensors. The sensors themselves can be applied with tape or mounted on a wall, whichever is easier. They are wireless and have their own long lasting internal battery. For the hub and antenna we will schedule a professional installer to visit your location to install the rest and make sure everything is working.

Can I get more than 2 sensors?

Yes, you can purchase additional sensors for $100 apiece.

How much electricity/ internet does Connect use up?

You won’t notice a difference in your electric costs. The Connect hub uses on average 5 Watts of electricity. Much less than a common mobile phone charger. On the bandwidth side the Connect hub is equivalent to a person watching one Netflix movie per day (~1GB/day).


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