What is Cut+Dry?

Cut+Dry is a unified ordering platform that puts all of your restaurant suppliers in one place on our free app. Order any product from any supplier, pay anyone via bank transfer or credit card, and earn cash rewards along the way.

Why should I use Cut+Dry?

Benefit from a 50% reduction in time spent on placing orders, seamless receiving with order check-ins and instant credit requests, fewer order errors, pay suppliers via credit card or using Cut+Dry Cash to keep more cash on hand, and earn incremental revenue.

Who is Cut+Dry for?

Cut+Dry is for independent restaurant owners, managers, and chefs who want to make their business more efficient and transparent.

Who is behind Cut+Dry?

We’re a team of hospitality veterans and serial tech entrepreneurs and we’ve spent our lives creating products that make restaurants run smoother and more profitable. Our mission at Cut+Dry is to make back-of-house restaurant operations easier and more efficient with a unified ordering and payments platform that’s actually rewarding.

How do I create a Cut+Dry account and how much does it cost?

Cut+Dry is free to any restaurant and you can set up your own accounts in a couple of minutes. Click here to get started.

If it’s free, how does Cut+Dry make money?

We stay in business by partnering with hundreds of brands, from big names to smaller bespoke purveyors.

How do I earn Cut+Dry Cash?

There are three ways to earn: access cash rebates on products you order today, earn when you discover a new product and make a switch, and lastly, earn when you refer friends that start to use Cut+Dry.

What can I do with Cut+Dry Cash?

Withdraw your balance or use within Cut+Dry Pay to pay any supplier invoice or wipe out the credit card processing fee.

How much in Cut+Dry Cash can I earn per month?

Cut+Dry referral rewards are capped at $250 per month (5 invitations accepted), but earnings for reward-eligible products are unlimited.

What is Cut+Dry Pay?

Pay any invoice at the speed of a click via bank transfer or credit card, even when your supplier doesn’t accept credit cards.

How can I pay with a credit card if one of my suppliers doesn’t accept credit cards?

Cut+Dry will send any company a check on your behalf within 7 days.

If I use a credit card to pay an invoice, are there any fees involved?

We charge a 3% processing fee, but you can . use your available Cut+Dry Cash balance to cover the processing fee or the entire invoice itself.

What is Cut+Dry Refer+Earn?

Invite a fellow business owner or chef to use Cut+Dry. When they place their first order they’ll earn $50 and you’ll earn $50 too.

What if something I order is not on Cut+Dry?

You can order any product on Cut+Dry, just go to Manage Suppliers and manually add the product to your supplier’s order guide.

My distributor already has an online ordering system. Why do I need Cut+Dry?

Save time and get peace of mind with all of your suppliers in one place. From beer taps to bev naps, order any product from any supplier, whether they are online or not.

How hard is it to train my staff on Cut+Dry?

We’ve created an intuitive app to make it easier to manage the ordering process. No time-sucking training required, most restaurants have their entire staff up and running on Cut+Dry within 1-2 days.

I like my rep. What happens to my relationship?

We like your rep, too. Most reps won’t even notice you’re using Cut+Dry and those that do love how much easier it makes their jobs. Feel free to send your rep a message anytime through Cut+Dry’s Chat function baked right into the app.

How do I get started on Cut+Dry?

Create your free account by clicking here.

Where is Cut+Dry available?

Any restaurant in the US of A. If you’d like to have Cut+Dry in your home country, please email support@cutanddry.com.