What’s the Deal with Cut+Dry?

More information for food service representatives.

What is Cut+Dry and why is my customer using it?

Cut+Dry was designed and built by hospitality veterans who recognized the fact that there is way too much effort and frustration required for the individual owner-operator or small chain team to efficiently order their food, beverage, and supplies. While most of the broadliners have great online portals now for ordering, as you go down in size you have either no online way to order or just another set of credentials to manage. When owners stick to the manual ordering process of email, text, phone calls, excel, IM, carrier pigeon, etc., you’re increasing the chance for incorrect orders, manual errors, plus you don’t have all your info in one place.

Cut+Dry solves this problem by allowing an owner to set up all their order guides on one platform, using the product names and SKUs that you use. The owner can then set up standing orders or make orders on demand. Submitting an order in Cut+Dry simply takes the list of products they want and builds a simple and clean order invoice that is then emailed to you, the supplier. Additional features let the owner use our mobile app to order to par on the fly, check in orders, and reconcile order to invoice in a quick and more efficient way.


What do I need to do differently because of Cut+Dry?

Nothing. In fact, from the initial feedback we’ve gotten from sales reps, Cut+Dry will make your life a little easier. You still communicate and visit with your customer as you normally would, the only difference is that all orders will come to you via email on a standardized template for you to process without having to re-type anything on your end. See the next FAQ for some tips on how you can also turbocharge Cut+Dry for your customers.


What’s next, what else can I do to help my customer?

We’d love to learn more about how your company services independent restaurants and how we can partner together to improve the restaurant owner’s ordering experience. Specifically, if there is a way you want to orders formatted to make it easier for you to enter them on your side, if you have an integration service to your ordering platform we could integrate to as well as if you have any product book information that you are comfortable sharing publicly. Please reach out to us at info@cutanddry.com to start the conversation.


If I want more information where can I go?

If you are interested in speaking to someone at Cut+Dry or learning how you can get other customers on the system, hit us up at info@cutanddry.com


What if I don’t want to use this system?

Your customer has already made a decision to use this service because it can address some pain point they are experiencing. That pain may not be caused by your ordering process, but if the restaurant moves all their ordering through Cut+Dry except for yours, for whatever reason, you may end up becoming that pain point yourself!