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Increase top-line revenue by +18%

Easy product search and new item discovery, so you can sit back and watch your share of wallet grow.

Cut Days Sales Outstanding by -3 days

Stop chasing checks and automate AR to accelerate collections and keep additional operating capital on-hand.

Give your customers the experience they desire

Order, search, chat, track, and pay – all in a single cloud-based app that works on any device.

Maximize team efficiency and reinvest time saved

Automate error-prone order entry and manual payment transactions to spend more time servicing and winning customers.

Control your private digital commerce experience

From branding to custom content and gatekeeping user access, your proprietary data always remains safe and secure.

Become a Cut+Dry Partner

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We build your digital catalog, customer order guides, and launch marketing kit.

We connect with your ERP and software systems and run thorough QA testing.

We train your entire staff on how to utilize our revenue-generating commerce platform.

We assist with customer onboarding, so they place orders and pay bills within minutes.