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Southwest Traders had an online ordering system, but it was not gaining traction with customers and they were not getting the results they expected. The team needed a way to stop chasing orders and have the time to grow their street business and revenue. 


To achieve this, they needed an all-in-one, easy-to-use online ordering platform that was fast, efficient, and accurate for the sales rep and customers.


Adopting Cut+Dry’s online-ordering platform enabled Southwest Traders to cut their sales expenses in half while doubling productivity and increasing profit. 

Southwest Traders is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1977. The business mix consists of chains and street or independent businesses in California. It specializes in all store establishments, from quick-serve restaurants, yogurt shops, ice cream shops, coffee shops, smoothie bars, schools, boba tea shops, and more.

After almost 50 years in business, Southwest faced a downward trend with declining sales and gross profit. The company trusted Cut+Dry to handle their online ordering system and help them deliver a world-class customer experience while increasing the bottom line. 

Old vs New

Prior to 2020, Southwest Traders was trying to implement their own online ordering system. It was a clunky, desktop-only system that had to be managed in-house. Some problems included heavy lifting for the procurement department, inconsistency for sales reps, high maintenance costs, and the need for a third-party developer. On top of that, clients were not adopting the system. 

Sales reps were spending a lot of time chasing customers to ensure they put their orders in before the cutoff time and subbing items. As a result, they spent hours on administrative order-taking tasks instead of being out in the field building relationships. With the implementation of Cut+Dry, this changed tremendously. 

“Now, 90%+ of our customers order online. As a rep, I’m able to see every single order that comes through; I can review it, see if any spots are missing, and then I can be proactive and call the customer. It really changed our entire role of what we do as salespeople.” David DeMatteis – Business Developer

With the new online platform, Southwest Traders was able to give time back to the sales reps and the procurement team and help the company with their business goals. Within one year of the official launch, Southwest has seen an 18% revenue increase, with 90% of customers placing orders online and a 72% close rate. 

Southwest Traders Results: More Engagement, Better Outcomes

With Cut+Dry, the sales rep became more of a consultant than an order taker. They are having 1-1 conversations, visiting the customers, showing products, making recommendations, and supporting clients’ goals. Moreover, it gave sales reps the time to get out to the field more and find prospective new customers.

The rich e-commerce catalog allows customers to browse the different products and place orders anytime. With keyword searching, clients can discover new products and increase their product mix. The extra engagement led to $5.8M in incremental revenue and an increase in the sales reps’ commission.

“Sales expenses have been cut in half, and sales rep productivity has doubled. Our sales increase is directly related to us leveraging Cut+Dry.” Terry Walsh – President. 

Southwest Traders also implemented Pay and Track, which allows customers to pay any invoices in the app and track their deliveries. This means maintaining a good collection rate for the accounts receivable team while eliminating calls to collect credit card or ACH information. Moreover, over 50% of Southwest Traders customers are on autopay which has decreased the number of orders not getting shipped because of a credit hold. Track has been fundamental in reducing the number of calls between dispatch, customer service and the client. 

Cut+Dry has become the one-stop platform to interact with Southwest Traders online, providing a world-class experience for the customer.

Key Takeaways

  • Sales reps should be consultants instead of order takers. The platform handles the ordering, freeing up sales reps’ time to support customers with proactive reach out, product showings, and continuous value add. 
  • Digital is not going away. Technology is here to stay, and people are used to shopping online and accessing information 24/7. Foodservice businesses that don’t embrace it will lose customers.