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The future is a mystery, but that is no reason to be unprepared. If you are foodservice distributor looking to make your business ready for the unknown, then here are some excellent ideas to think about to future-proof your business: 

Digital-first sales 

Being digital-first means prioritizing online platforms and tech to boost those sales numbers. You tap into a broad group of customers while continuing to learn and adapt to their needs and preferences. Think e-commerce, mobile apps, and online ordering – making it a breeze for customers to browse, order, and keep tabs on deliveries. 

Being AI-ready

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be your business’ secret weapon for staying ahead. AI is a brilliant and handy assistant – it can help you manage inventory, predict demand, streamline the supply chain, and minimize waste and costs. Plus, all your products will be available exactly when and where needed. AI is also not just about helping your business; it can help your customers, too. AI can be used as a personal shopping assistant, giving customers tailored recommendations and quick customer support. With AI, you’re ready to roll with market changes, make smarter choices based on data, innovate and be prepped for the future.

Using data wisely

Data is a valuable asset every business owns, but knowing how to use it sets you apart. You can uncover customer trends and even predict what will happen in the future. It gives you a leg up over your competitors. You can customize your products, services, and sales strategies to fit each customer like a glove. Learning how to value, use and even monetize this data for another income stream will prepare your business for whatever the future throws. 

Flexible distribution channels

Diversifying distribution methods – think going direct-to-consumer, teaming up with local shops, or even trying out subscription services – that’s your ticket to staying nimble in the face of changing consumer trends. Being this versatile means you can tap into new revenue streams, reach new customers and build stronger relationships with them. As customer demand changes, being able to respond with different distribution channels means you can cruise relatively smoothly through changing industry landscapes. 


Being eco-friendly is the way to go: eco-packaging, sourcing local goodies, and keeping waste in check. You’re not just helping the planet – you’re appealing to conscious shoppers. With the world going greener by the day, you’re in sync with what customers care about. Plus, there are more and more rules and regulations about being eco-friendly, so if you’re on top of it, you’re setting yourself up for a long and prosperous future in a world that’s all about ethics and saving the Earth.